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Already a commercial success in Israel, The Chef is destined to become the next international runaway hit. Gal Toren (Asylum City, Losing Alice) stars as the charismatic Dori, head chef of popular restaurant, struggling to keep the top spot in Tel Aviv's gastronomic scene. All this is senn through the eyes of newcomer Nimrod, whose home life is threatened by this exciting, high-stakes world. The Chef offers us a dramatic fast-pased inside look at the tensions and competition within the trendy Tel Aviv food scene.

The Chef Trailer

Watch at your convenience from Sunday October 31 - November 21.

Do not miss out of the latest award-winning Israeli TV hit from the producers of Fouda, Shtisel, and Your Honor.

Tune in Sunday, November 21 at 11am for a Q & A from our guest speaker and director of The Chef, Erez Kavel.


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