Monika R. Kimball


I was born and raised in Berlin Germany, immigrating to the US in 1965.  I retired as Associate Professor & Director of ESL Programs at Madonna University in Livonia, Michigan and became Professor Emerita in 2011.  Among several volunteer positions, I have served on the board of Temple Beth El, as Chair of Adult Education, Chair of Religious Practices Transition, as well as Vice President and President.  I have been a board member of the JFED for two years, served as co-chair for Yom Ha’atzmaut 2019, and recently as Vice President per appointment by Janet Wechter.


Occupation:  Retired Professor

Birthplace:  Berlin Germany

Spouse Name:  Robert Kimball PhD

Child(ren) Name(s):  Angela F. Brockman, Claudene E. Blake


Why have you chosen to serve on our JFED board? 

I believe in the JFED’s mission and wish to support its programs on behalf of the El Paso and Las Cruces communities and abroad.



Monika can be reached at