Eddie Trevizo


Name: Eddie Trevizo


Occupation: Speech Professor at El Paso Community College


Birthplace: El Paso, Texas


Spouse/Partner: Robert R. Trevizo


Child(ren) :Molly Brown (Chocolate Lab)


Why have you chosen to serve on our JFED board? 

As a Jew, I can work with other individuals who share the same passion and commitment to serving our Jewish community- being local and abroad. 

I bring dedication and commitment to the JFED board. As I am well aware that being a board member requires a high level of enthusiasm and obligation to responsibilities that extends beyond attending board meetings regularly. I am also an individual who has always honored being straightforward and impartial. My career work as an advocate for individuals who live a disability and a college educator for over 27 years has taught me to be mindful of how individuals should be treated: with honor and respect.  

For all these reasons, I have chosen to serve on the JFED board, as I can share my wealth of knowledge and my life-time experience.