(Send a Kid to Israel Program)



Send-a-Kid to Israel Partnership was created for families to be able to afford sending their youngsters to Israel for meaningful educational programs to reinforce their Jewish Identity.  SKIP brought together families, congregations and the Jewish Federation of El Paso so that a visit to Israel is part of the Jewish education of El Paso youth.  Through joint partnership in a savings plan, students who participate in the program for the full seven years (grades 3 through 9) will have $4,200 available, plus interest, to meet the cost of an Israel trip anytime between the end of 9th grade and five years after graduation from high school.


While the initiative was superseded by more recent initiatives such as Birthright Israel, a number of local families still maintain their SKIP accounts, and we are living up to our commitment, because each youngster who visits Israel, is one more committed Jew.


Nothing makes Jewish identity and history come alive for young people like an Israel Experience Program.  With dozens of programs for high school students, college students, and young adults, there is literally something for everyone.  Whatever your interests, you can find a program to match!


An Israel Experience enables young Jews to spend a summer together with like-minded Jewish peers.  They are part of a group that enjoy and that reinforces their sense of self-identity.


They spend time with Israeli peers who they find to be like them in many ways and who at the same time express great Jewish self-esteem.


They learn about Jewish life by experiencing it rather than by reading books or hearing lectures.  They live and travel in a very modern Jewish society that also has Biblical sites and holy places.


Withdrawal of Funds


Families may either suspend or withdraw their contributions at any time.  If payments are merely suspended, all monies in the account will remain and continue to accumulate interest.


These funds continue to be available for an approved Israel program.  Family contributions may be suspended in any one-year with only the loss of matching funds for that year.


Participating families may also withdraw their contributions permanently at anytime on a 30-day notice to the congregation.  If withdrawal occurs, the family forfeits its rights to the contribution of the congregation and Federation.  Contributions made by the family will be returned without interest.