The Jewish Federation of Greater El Paso is the one place that belongs to every Jew in El Paso.  We are the heirs to the efforts of generations of Jewish El Pasoans who built the institutions in our community and made El Paso a good place to live Jewishly. 


For more than 80 years, our Federation has helped sustain and improve the quality of Jewish life in Greater El Paso, in Israel and around the world. With strength in numbers, along with the other 156 Federations, we have the resources to act nationally and globally on challenges such as anti-Semitism, Israel advocacy and the quality of Jewish life for Jews everywhere and we are there to support those affected by natural and man-made disasters.


According to Jewish tradition, the highest form of tzedakah is giving to a community fund, or kuppah. Throughout Jewish history, it was the custom of Jewish communities to create an address for centralized giving. This guaranteed the privacy and dignity of the poor, as well as the successful maintenance of communal "agencies." 


Now it is our turn to do our share.  The Annual Community Campaign of the Jewish Federation of Greater El Paso is our central fund to ensure the vitality of our local Jewish community, as well as the support needed for Jewish communities in Israel and around the world ; our Kuppah.


We continue the tradition. Click here to contribute today. Your contribution saves lives and helps feed the flame of Jewish identity so it will shine brighter every day. Thank you.


Grants, Services & Programs

Grants, Services and Programs for 2019 approved by the Federation Board for 2019 are listed below: 


Temple Mount Sinai 35,171
SKIP 3,500
PJ Library 7,500
Temple Beth El 7,300
Scholarships/Camperships 18,045
ProMusica 6,000
Jewish Federations of North America (Israel and Overseas aid) 79,376
Jewish Community Relations Council 14,600
JCPA 2,300
Hillel Allocation 1,000
JCenter Preschool 49,954
*ElPasoConnect (for those of us in our 20s and 30s) 12,000
LasCrucesConnect (for those of us in our 20s and 30s) 2,500
The Jewish Voice 24,500
Sun City Shabbat 5,000
*Borderland's Café Europa (programs for seniors) 23,250
EPJA - Grant 36,000
EPJA - programming 15,000
El Paso Holocaust Museum & Study Center 5,575
Jewish Film Festival 14,000
*Shalom Shuttle (Rides for Seniors) 10,000
Camp Kadima 22,600
Celebrate Israel @ 71 - Yom HaAtzmaut 5,000
Congregation B'nai Zion 18,000
Birthright Israel 7,205
TOTAL $425,376


Includes direct costs only.  Does not include allocations of staff time and other necessary overhead. *We are grateful to the Jewish Community Foundation for its support of these programs.




The Federation awards Grants locally out of the resources of the Annual Community Campaign. These grants are the product of a community wide Granting Process that involves input from the different segments of our community. Every Jewish Organization in the Greater El Paso area can qualify to receive a grant. 





The Federation Movement embraces the responsibility trusted upon us for Jews around the world. We do it, because Jews anywhere are our family, our Mischpocha. Being a Jew is about responsibility. Responsibility for our own action or inactions, as well as the idea of collective responsibility for those in danger or in need. The Federation movement is the vehicle through which the American Jewish Community fulfills that responsibility, in partnership with the Jewish Agency for Israel, the Joint Distribution Committee, World ORT, and many others. CLICK HERE TO SEE WHAT YOUR DOLLARS DO AROUND THE WORLD