6 2015

DEADLINE Kosher Coope

All Day  

Dear El Paso Jewish Community,


I wanted to update you on the Kosher Co-op and its future in El Paso. Our first order was a resounding success, far exceeding the minimum order, with very few issues arising at delivery. We have had a lot of good feedback on the quality of products and people have been very impressed by the pricing and value the co-op provides. 


I highly encourage you to create an account so that you will get updates directly from the  co-op. Also, be sure to check the split products page frequently as it will change daily as people look for others to split cases with. 


As we go forward, the hope is to have more frequent deliveries. Our next delivery will be before the holidays with a deadline to place your order of August 6th, and a delivery of September 1st.  After that, we hope to do a delivery every 3 months, as long we can consistently hit the minimum order. 


I believe that a delivery every quarter is very viable with everyone's continued support. So please tell anyone you think might be interested in kosher food or Israeli products. 

As always, don't hesitate to contact me with any questions. 




Alex Quitt

(910) 578-4254