20 2016

CBZ's First Farbrengen!

7:00PM - 8:30PM  

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Farbrengen in the Sukkah

Drink, sing, and be merry at this family-friendly event.  

The EPJA and Talmud Torah celebration in the sukkah begins at 6pm and continues into the Farbrengen.


The Farbregen: A Jewish Spiritual Odyssey

In honor of Parashat Haazinu, the upcoming Farbrengen, and the rejoicing of Simchat Torah

By Rabbi Royi Shaffin

The Rebbe danced while his holy Jews sang their song, a niggun, a song without words. Instead of words, the song was saturated with intense emotions. The niggun touched the soul.  There was not a dry eye, an eye that had not been closed, or even one person without a smile and a belly fully of both food and joy.

The Rebbe twirled around and around. The Jews banged their fists on the tables to the tune they were chanting so that the bottles of wine and vodka spilled slightly.  The mashke (Yiddish for alcohol) was poured and poured and glasses and kiddush cups overflowed.  

Then the niggun was over and everyone was quiet.  The Rebbe began to speak.  He spoke about our connection with HaShem and striving to touch the Heavens but as the singing started again, miniature  angels descended to the tables and were dancing in between the plates.  They did not wait for the Jews to come to them.  They had come to the Jews.  They twirled around and tossed one another from one end of the table to the other.  It was a marvelous sight.

Tears of joy filled the eyes of the people and they entered a state of spiritual ecstasy. Then the Torah appeared. It was not a physical Sefer Torah but a metaphysical, spiritual one.  The scroll encircled the Jews, forming a circle of flame, eish haTorah, the fire of the Torah.

They could no longer contain themselves. All the Jews got up from their seats and danced around and around. The angels, still dancing as well, were glowing pink and blue and pure white.  

The heavens opened up and a ladder appeared with its top in the sky. The angels climbed up and returned and climbed up again and returned again and the holy Jews followed them.

They felt so close to God and to each other and to the universe. Their singing reached the Heavens and the angels in Heaven started dancing as well with joy before God.