15 2018

B'nai Zion Cemetery Day

10:00AM - 11:55AM  

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On Sunday, July 15, at 10:00 am we will gather at our cemetery to participate in two Mitzvot.

One is the burial of sacred items which should receive the honor of being interred in sacred ground rather than simply discarded. These holy objects are called "Sheimot" because they contain God's blessed name in Hebrew.
You are invited to bring additional books and holy objects that contain God's blessed name in Hebrew and can no longer be used to be buried
​​​​​​​ at this ceremony.

The second is to remember that our cemetery was recently desecrated with swastikas and graffiti and that, while those physical anti-Semitic drawings were removed, the spiritual disrespectful acts must also be cleansed through a sacred service of rededication.

​​​​​​​Please join Rabbi Leon as he guides us in these ceremonies.