27 2015

Briefing on the Israeli Elections

7:00PM - 8:30PM  

Temple Mount Sinai 4408 N. Stanton St
El Paso, TX

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The Community Relations Council invites you to a special briefing on the Israeli Elections, their meaning and the implications with Israeli Journalist Eran Singer.

Mr. Singer is a correspondent for the Israeli Public Radio station "Reshet Bet," reporting on issues pertaining to the Arab world. Because of the complexity of the issues involving the Middle East, his job requires a deep understanding of the political developments, as well as the political agendas of the various leaders in this volatile part of the world.

He reports and follows up on the significant events in the Arab world that are of importance to Israel, and the rest of the world. For example, when an Arab leader gives a speech or makes political statement, Mr. Singer is there to report it to the media with pertinent commentary.

In his high school years, Mr. Singer was attracted to the study of Arab affairs and concentrated his education in that area. Subsequently, during his military service he was drafted into the Israeli Intelligence, where his education, fluency in Arabic, and expertise in Arab religion, culture, and politics were put to use.

After his military service, Mr. Singer worked in Israeli Broadcasting reporting on domestic Arab affairs, later becoming a news editor for Kol Israel in Jerusalem. When the Second Lebanon War erupted, he returned to Haifa and began reporting on all issues related to the neighboring Arab world. For example, he covered the IDF withdrawal from Lebanon and the Second Intifada, reporting directly from the scenes of terror attacks such as Line 37 bus explosion and the horrific attack on the restaurant Maxim in Haifa.

Mr. Singer is fluent in Arabic and is often invited to join Israel Public Television station’s panel discussions geared towards the Arab speaking population. He reads between five to ten Arab publications daily and watches Arabic TV channels. His understanding of the Arab mentality and culture makes him a desirable participant in think tanks and a valuable advisor to Israeli political and security authorities.

Sponsor: Community Relations Council; Jewish Federation of Greater El Paso